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Drop off and pick up arrangements


Please see plan opposite showing the route and entrance  our children will use to come into school. (EYFS same arrangements used during the transition sessions in June).


Staggered drop off and pick up is to improve parking and traffic around the school roads. This is also to alleviate human traffic around the school grounds.


Please note that for safeguarding  reasons we ask that parents do not enter the school during drop off and pick up. Messages can be passed on via staff on the doors/ gates or please drop into the main office .


Sibling drop off  - all children can  be delivered at the same time to the youngest sibling’s drop off point and time.


Sibling pick up can be to the earliest time first. Staff will keep hold of all children until you can collect your other child/ren from their designated pick up point.


Once children have been delivered to their collecting adult, we request that they stand with them for safety.


Drop Off Times

EYFS 8:45am

Y1 8:45am

Y2 8:50am

Y3 8:45am

Y4 8:50am

Y5 8:50am

Y6 8:55am

Pick Up Times

EYFS 3:20pm

Y1 3:20pm

Y2 3:25pm

Y3 3:20pm

Y4 3:25pm

Y5 3:30pm

Y6 3:30pm

Please share these arrangements with family members who drop off and collect. Thank you.

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