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To help you to support your child’s learning at home, the school subscribes to the educational website ‘Active Learn Primary’ (see right) where you can access high quality, educational resources to support your child’s learning. You will need a username and password to access this site.

We believe that building a good relationship between home and school is essential in helping each child to achieve their full potential.

We encourage communications of any kind from parents throughout their child’s time at the school. This can be via phone, e-mail and letter or in person through a pre-arranged meeting. Whatever form of contact you prefer we always respond rapidly to parental concerns. We keep parents informed by letters, newsletters, e-mails, school website, a personal phone call or the school’s text messaging service.

Good communication is paramount not only to academic success but also to the wellbeing of all our students. Developing good communication between tutors, pupils and parents enables us to support your child in achieving their maximum potential and assist them throughout their development and education.

School Closures

Parents and family members, please click on the red button to support your children whilst the school is closed due to the Corona Virus.


Mr Bowler, an ICT specialist from the St Bart’s Multi Academy trust, has kindly collated a huge number of websites and resources to support families at this difficult time.

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