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School Uniform

At Meir Heath Academy we regard uniform as an important ingredient of what makes us a great team. The children recognise that working together is important and that uniform helps us to feel like a team, makes pupils look smart and shows others who we are, wherever we are.

The children wear badged sweaters with the school logo, but everything else is available in supermarkets so that we have a good a balance between being identifiable and the benefits of low costs and availability.

Parents can purchase our school uniform at two places: Smart Uniform and SchoolsIn Meir.

You can contact Smart school uniform in several ways or simply call in.

Telephone: 01782 713 650 or 08000 681 782

Address: 1 Harvey House Hassell Street Newcastle under Lyme Staffordshire ST5 1AR

You can contact SchoolsIn school uniform in several ways or simply call in.

Telephone: 01782 310111



Address: 41 Weston Rd, Stoke-on-Trent ST3 6AB

Parents are requested to ensure that all items of clothing likely to be removed are clearly labelled. We do not encourage children to bring toys or other items from home but on occasion the teacher might well make a general request for special things to be brought to lend colour and interest, perhaps, to a current topic being pursued in class.

We request that parents do not send their children to school with large bags as we have limited space.


  • School tie Y1 – Y6 - required

  • Royal blue sweatshirt, round or v-necked or cardigan (preferably school badge) - required

  • White polo (Reception children) or collared shirts (Y1 – Y6) - required

  • Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers, (not leggings) - required

  • Plain grey or black tights (no leggings or stripes/spots etc) - required

  • Plain black, low heeled shoes (not trainers) - required

  • Blue and white checked summer dresses (summer term only) - optional

  • Clips and bobbles to be school colours only 

  • No coloured hair including no coloured braids

  • A pair of stud earrings (no hoops) but not on PE days. No other jewellery is allowed. Earrings should be removed on PE days.

  • Hair that is longer than shoulder length to be tied back

  • No nail varnish

  • Trousers - no leggings or sport style trousers

  • Plain black or grey socks


  • Plain (no logo) navy shorts - required)

  • Blue sports top (SchoolsIn) - required

  • Plain blue or black track suit - required (no other colours to be worn)

  • Plain black or dark socks

  • Trainers for outdoor use - required

  • No leggings

  • No football kit

  • No sports brands

  • Earrings should be removed on PE days

  • All items should have no logo unless school badged

  • All children to wear their PE Kit on PE day

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