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Extra Curricular

There is a wide range of clubs offered to enrich the school day for many of our children. High quality clubs and activities are an essential part of school life. They provide opportunities to enrich children’s experiences beyond the curriculum and are an excellent medium to foster good relationships between staff, pupils and parents. They develop children’s social skills by providing a forum of interaction between children across different ages and schools.

Clubs and activities are matched to our staff’s expertise and interest and make the most of the resources we have in school.  In some cases, clubs are run by external providers who make a charge for attendance.

Clubs run termly either at lunchtime or after school. Spaces are often limited and are allocated on a first come, first served basis but every effort will be made to accommodate more children where demand is high. Places can be booked using our online booking system at the start of each term.

Please note that pupils who attend clubs should view this as a privilege and will only be welcomed if their behaviour during learning time is appropriate.

Please note: Clubs change each term, and run for varying numbers of weeks.

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