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At Meir Heath Academy, we believe that every child is an artist! Our varied and enriched curriculum gives children of all ages and abilities the chance to flourish and reach their creative potential. Our aim is to positively contribute to the quality of our children’s lives through the Arts, in school and beyond.


We understand the importance of self-confidence and belief, and we want all of our children to reach for the stars and realise there is no limits to what their creativity and ambition can achieve! Our Art and Design curriculum is designed to inspire, engage and challenge all pupils; equipping them with the skills and knowledge to design and create wonderful art pieces they are proud of.


Children have the opportunity to experiment and find their preferred artistic style in drawing, painting, sculpting, collaging, textiles, printing, digital design and artistic research. Our curriculum is filled with diverse artists, past and present, enriching our children’s knowledge and educating them on different artistic medias and techniques.


Art lead - Mrs Dodd


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